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Mitch  Ruibal

I grew up in Dallas and got a degree in Economics from Trinity University in San Antonio. In the space of 3 months, I graduated college, got married, and moved to San Diego to start a full commission job with First Investors (now Foresters). It was a fairly naïve decision but 19 years and two kids later, here we are! I have a beautiful wife and two amazing kids and my work with LPL Financial provides the flexibility to watch them grow.

I pride myself on being attentive to the needs of my clients. I get very uncomfortable when I leave an email unanswered or a phone call unreturned for more than a few hours. My aim is to learn as much as possible about not only the financial aspects of my clients’ lives, but also their hopes and dreams and fears. It is in the this way that I can develop the appropriate, personalized financial plan.

My ideal client is open minded, willing to listen to my ideas, has a great rapport with me, and has a belief in the plan, rather than the returns (which are definitely important!)